Posted by | 11 February, 2021
Application Dependent End-of-Life Threshold Definition Methodology for Batteries in Electric Vehicles

In February 2021, an article based on some studies developed in iModBatt related to cells' ageing was published in the Batteries Journal edited by MDPI. This article was led by...

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Posted by | 27 November, 2020
About selection of cells for a specific use case in Energetica XXI

iModBatt was recently invited to contribute to the monthly release of Energetica XXI, a Spanish newsletter focused on renewable energy and energetic efficiency. The article developed by CIDETEC included part...

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Posted by | 14 February, 2020
iModBatt represented in the 10th International Advanced Automotive Battery Conference AABC Europe 2020

The 10th International Advanced Automotive Battery Conference AABC Europe 2020 turned out to be the biggest AABC event ever held, with more than 1.000 attendees during 4 days, starting...

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Posted by | 6 November, 2019
The Horizon 2020 iModBatt and GHOST projects jointly organized a workshop in San Sebastián

The European projects iModBatt and GHOST organized a workshop on October 18 at the ARIMA Hotel, near the facilities of CIDETEC Energy Storage in San Sebastián, with the aim of reviewing...

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Posted by | 5 July, 2019
Horizon 2020 Projects iModBatt and GHOST host a Workshop

iModBatt and GHOST will host a Workshop on the 18th of October 2019 at Hotel ARIMA, close to CIDETEC Energy Storage site in San Sebastián, Spain. Both projects will have crossed...

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Posted by | 31 January, 2019
iModBatt work on BP recycling framework in AABC2019

Each year, the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) Europe brings together a global audience of battery technologists and their key suppliers for a must-attend week of development trends, breakthrough technologies...

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Posted by | 24 October, 2017
iModBatt Project launched

iModBatt, standing for “Industrial Modular Battery Pack Concept Addressing High Energy Density, Environmental Friendliness, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency for Automotive Applications”, has been launched at CIDETEC Energy Storage on 10-11...

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