The Horizon 2020 iModBatt and GHOST projects jointly organized a workshop in San Sebastián

The European projects iModBatt and GHOST organized a workshop on October 18 at the ARIMA Hotel, near the facilities of CIDETEC Energy Storage in San Sebastián, with the aim of reviewing the results achieved so far.

CIDETEC Energy Storage, backed by CRF, as coordinators of the iModBatt and GHOST projects respectively, brought together representatives of about twenty H2020 projects focused on the development of battery packs and propulsion systems for electric vehicles. The workshop was opened by Mr. Luca Feola, Project Officer of both iModBatt and GHOST.

After the presentation of the highlights of the H2020 projects invited, a round table was organized that focused on aspects related to the customization of the battery design versus the modularity and use of batteries after their first life.

The workshop closed with a poster session of the invited projects and was a perfect opportunity to exchange ideas and build new ones.

Pictures and presentations can be found in our Downloads page.

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