Application Dependent End-of-Life Threshold Definition Methodology for Batteries in Electric Vehicles

In February 2021, an article based on some studies developed in iModBatt related to cells’ ageing was published in the Batteries Journal edited by MDPI. This article was led by Mikel Arrinda from CIDETEC and supported by AIT and CIDETEC teams. You can find the whole article in the Downloads section of this website or directly in the publisher’s website. As a starter, please find below the introduction of the featured article as described in the abstract.

The end-of-life event of the battery system of an electric vehicle is defined by a fixed end-of-life threshold value. However, this kind of end-of-life threshold does not capture the application and battery characteristics and, consequently, it has a low accuracy in describing the real end-of-life event. This paper proposes a systematic methodology to determine the end-of-life threshold that describes accurately the end-of-life event. The proposed methodology can be divided into three phases. In the first phase, the health indicators that represent the aging behavior of the battery are defined. In the second phase, the application specifications and battery characteristics are evaluated to generate the end-of-life criteria. Finally, in the third phase, the simulation environment used to calculate the end-of-life threshold is designed. In this third phase, the electric-thermal behavior of the battery at different aging conditions is simulated using an electro-thermal equivalent circuit model. The proposed methodology is applied to a high-energy electric vehicle application and to a high-power electric vehicle application. The stated hypotheses and the calculated end-of-life threshold of the high-energy application are empirically validated. The study shows that commonly assumed 80 or 70% EOL thresholds could lead to mayor under or over lifespan estimations.

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