The aim of iModBatt is to design and manufacture, with the minimum environmental impact, a high energy density modular Battery Pack, which is flexible enough to be used in automotive and small stationary applications. This battery pack will be suitable for industrial automated assembly with an easy disassembly design, to make possible the shift from primary applications to secondary ones, and to facilitate the battery pack recyclability or parts replacement if necessary.

Increase in battery pack energy density, based on an already existing breakthrough modular battery concept around 20% compared to the current Renault Zoe EV Battery Pack.

  • Selection of Li-ion commercial high energy density cells for the defined application.
  • Battery pack effective packaging .
  • Design of a lightweight modular battery pack structure introducing thermoplastic materials.
  • Reduction of wiring.
  • Use of low volume thin materials and thermal interface materials .

Reduction of the battery pack integration cost by the introduction of an automated smart manufacturing unit and optimization of recyclability during manufacturing. This reduction is > 20 % if compared to current massively used semi-manual methods.

  • Battery pack module automated assembly.
  • Implementation of smart recycling concept within manufacturing layout.
  • Cell flexibility per module.
  • Battery pack modularity impacts on production flexibility.
  • Increase in the time value of the battery pack due to the expected life extension.

Enhance the value of European SMEs and large industries by their leadership in the project activities.

Contribute to climate action by ruling the whole battery pack design and battery pack manufacturing definition by eco-design recommendations and defining a smart recycling methodology.

Create the battery pack design and manufacturing conditions so that a second life and/or reuse of battery packs is feasible.