08 | 05 | 2023

UNLOCK reaches its halfway mark by holding its follow-up meeting in Opatija

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CIDETEC Surface Engineering coordinates this project that will build a demonstration plant for the treatment and recovery of feathers from poultry waste.

At the end of April, the company BIO-MI hosted the follow-up meeting of the UNLOCK project in Opatija (Croatia), two years after it began. During this period, an analysis of the main challenges facing the poultry sector has been carried out, with the aim of being able to establish a bioeconomy based on the revaluation of feathers that are currently generated as waste. New value chains have been proposed and UNLOCK will continue to work on them.

In the coming months, the construction of a demonstration plant for the treatment of feathers will be undertaken in Poland. In addition, some end-product demonstrators made from feathers, such as agricultural films and seed trays, have already been successfully tested for biodegradation on farmland. These results are a first step in the valorisation of the feathers proposed by UNLOCK.

Don’t miss the progress of the project on the website: UNLOCK (unlock-project.eu) and the VIDEO.

Grant Agreement No.: 101023306

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