30 | 06 | 2023

The two PERTE VEC projects in which CIDETEC participates move towards electrification: ‘Future: Fast Forward’ and ‘CAPITAL’

Energy Storage

CIDETEC is currently working on a programme targeted at transforming the economics of electric and connected vehicles.

Based on public-private collaboration, the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (EV) aims to create the necessary ecosystem for the development and manufacture of electric and grid-connected vehicles, as well as to transform Spain into the European Hub for electromobility. CIDETEC, as a centre with more than 25 years of experience in battery development, is a key partner in two of them.

The first, called Future: Fast Forward, the largest project in Spain’s history, aims to raise10 billion euros. LED by the Volkswagen Group and SEAT S.A, it aims to transform the country into a leading European hub for electric mobility. CIDETEC will provide expertise to the development of new and safe solid-state batteries with increased energy density, enhanced cyclability, lower cost, and lower environmental impact. This will establish the groundwork for Spain’s environmental shift.

The Irizar Group, on the other hand, is the project coordinator for the ‘Technological adaptation and industrial growth of the bus value chain and related infrastructure for the decarbonisation of the Transport sector with zero emission solutions’ (CAPITAL). With an investment of more than 63 million euros, it is committed to the decarbonization and sustainability of zero-emission connected transport through the creation of 100% electric buses or industrial vehicles, as well as the commitment to hydrogen as a solution for collective mobility. CIDETEC will contribute to the expansion of the IRIZAR E-MOBILITY battery range via the research and development of the next generation of batteries, defining the future battery-packs that meet the requirements in efficiency, energy density, weight, and cyclability of the technical specifications for the new coaches.

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