28 | 08 | 2023

The GENEX project develops enduring prepregs for the aeronautical sector

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CIDETEC Surface Engineering’s 3R epoxy resin will serve to support the digital transformation of the next generation of aircraft.


The use of CIDETEC Surface Engineering’s patented 3R technology allows the development of thermoset composites that are inherently Reprocessable, Recyclable and Repairable (3R). These materials are of particular interest to sectors as diverse as energy, transport or construction, since they maintain the high performance of conventional thermoset composites and are processable using common manufacturing technologies.

Prepregs are one of the methods used to manufacture thermosetting composites and the dynamic nature of 3R epoxy resin allows the manufacture of innovative non-perishable prepregs (enduring prepregs), with the advantage that they can be stored at room temperature without losing their intrinsic properties, to manufacture parts with high mechanical requirements for the aeronautical sector. 

The GENEX project, funded by the Horizon Europe program (grant contract no. 101056822, https://www.genex-project.eu/), is formed by a consortium of 16 partners from 9 different countries. The project began in September 2022 and will last a total of 3.5 years. Its main goal is to develop a novel end-to-end digital twin framework that provides a holistic approach covering the entire value chain of composite parts (from design, material and manufacturing to operation, maintenance, repair and end-of-life) to support the digital transformation of the next generation of aircraft.

CIDETEC Surface Engineering has been involved in the project for a year and is working on two main activities: formulation and characterization of aeronautical-grade 3R resins, as well as obtaining enduring prepreg tapes with integrated fiber optic sensors that will later be used to obtain 3R composites through the AFP (Automated Fiber Placing) process. Composites will be developed to form the access panel for an aircraft.

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