22 | 01 | 2018

Outstanding CIDETEC Energy Storage presence in strategic battery events organised by the European Commission

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CIDETEC Energy Storage played an outstanding role in two strategic battery events held in Brussels in January under the auspices of the European Commission.

The energy and transport sectors play a crucial role in the economy of the eurozone. On another hand, they are responsible for almost three-fourths of its greenhouse gas emissions. It is thus fundamental to take measures to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable low-emission transport system that generates wealth. In this context, batteries are called upon to play a leading role in electrifying transport and in achieving more efficient energy management.

The European Commission has launched the “Battery Alliance” initiative to stimulate the development of a competitive ecosystem in the European battery sector and facilitate the institution of manufacturing capacities in Europe. This initiative will eventually enable us to decrease our dependence on the technology of other areas, creating local know-how, employment and wealth.

The research and development component will play a fundamental role in this strategy. To stimulate the discussion on setting the technological priorities towards which efforts should be channelled, the European Commission organised the “European Battery Cell R&I Workshop” on 11 and 12 January 2018 through its Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. This event enjoyed the massive attendance of the leading technological, industrial and political agents at the level of the European Commission, to a total of over 250 participants.

In acknowledgement of its track record and capacities, CIDETEC Energy Storage was invited to participate actively, with stellar presence in this workshop. On the first day, CIDETEC was one of three European research and development organisations selected to lay the groundwork for the technical discussions by means of a plenary presentation.

Dr Oscar Miguel Crespo, CIDETEC Energy Storage Director, received the task of presenting and justifying the importance of pilot plants in the value chain of the research process on new battery technologies, as well as in launching the initiative to establish a European network to coordinate the different initiatives being developed in this field.

The second day was organised in a format of parallel discussion sessions, and Dr Oscar Miguel was tasked on this occasion to moderate the session on the same theme. Idoia Urdampilleta, in charge of the Materials for Energy Unit, and technical manager of the CIDETEC Energy Storage battery pilot plant, was also present.

Prior to this event, there was a workshop likewise organised by the European Commission – this time through DG Connect – with a longer-term objective, seeking to launch a flagship initiative to investigate the battery technologies called upon to succeed the current state of the art. This more selective, invitational event also relied upon the participation of CIDETEC Energy Storage through Dr Miguel.

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