02 | 07 | 2019

Our fellow researcher Yolanda Alesanco has been awarded the Extraordinary Doctorate Award for her doctoral thesis

Surface Engineering

Yolanda Alesanco, from CIDETEC Surface Engineering, has been one of the winners of the Extraordinary Doctorate Prize awarded by the UPV / EHU Graduate Commission in the area of Sciences. Yolanda’s doctoral thesis, “New electrochromic systems: multicolored, semi-solid and easy-to-make”, directed by Dr. David Mecerreyes Molero and Dr. Ana Viñuales Martínez, has been defended through the Department of Applied Chemistry.

The Graduate Commission of the UPV / EHU, in session held on June 28, 2019, approved the proposals for granting the Extraordinary Doctoral Awards corresponding to the academic year 2016/2017 presented by the Courts appointed for that purpose.

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