07 | 06 | 2023

New Filament Winding equipment for hydrogen applications

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CIDETEC Surface Engineering has strengthened its position with the acquisition of equipment for the development of sustainable and recyclable hydrogen storage tanks, based on its 3R technology


CIDETEC Surface Engineering has added new Filament Winding equipment to its composite materials manufacturing process capabilities, enabling it to develop a new generation of lightweight hydrogen storage tanks (type IV), which will be more sustainable as the use of the 3R epoxy resin developed by CIDETEC (its patented 3R technology) makes them recyclable.

In this way, CIDETEC Surface Engineering reinforces its commitment and capabilities to advance in the development of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel for the decarbonisation of transport. CIDETEC is currently participating in the HAZITEK EcoH2Mov project – “New sustainable, lightweight and high-performance hydrogen storage tanks”, which began in July 2023 and in which it collaborates with 6 companies (Protec Arisawa, Mariskone, Rotobasque, Argolabe, Electroquímica Hernani and Innovation Tree). Within the framework of this project, the first prototype of a recyclable hydrogen storage tank based on the 3R technology developed by CIDETEC is expected to be validated (in the laboratory) by December 2024.

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