09 | 04 | 2024

Laser soldering station for battery packs

Energy Storage

Iker Alecha, from the CIDETEC Energy Storage Systems Unit, explains the capabilities of the laser soldering station that CIDETEC has in its facilities.

Committed to a solid future

The word órdago meaning “here it is”, is the expression used by players in the Basque card game “mus” when they bet everything on one hand to win the game. In the world of energy storage systems, especially in electromobility, the scientific community has also thrown down the gauntlet to the so-called solid-state batteries (SSBs) to respond to all the major market challenges: smaller, safer batteries with a large storage capacity, while not forgetting recycling.

Currently, most Li-ion batteries contain a liquid electrolyte that is highly efficient but flammable. Looking at other materials, lithium metal has ten times the lithium storage capacity of graphite, and combined with high-voltage cathodes and a solid electrolyte, can achieve high energy densities. If this unique combination of materials is successful, it will be a game changer, putting SSBs into the spotlight.

With a firm commitment to technology, here at CIDETEC Energy Storage, we focus on three main lines for SSBs: lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion SSB), lithium metal batteries (Li-metal SSB), and anode-free SSB batteries (batteries getting rid of the anode current collector). We believe that a holistic vision is needed to achieve all goals. That means optimizing each material and component (anode, electrolyte and cathode) to the maximum, as well as cell configuration and processability. Specifically, our strategy focuses on the simultaneous and synergistic development of durable and safe solid electrolytes (hybrid and semi-solid), electrodes with high energy capacity, uniquely designed for SSBs (allowing the use of active materials that are very energetic but problematic); as well as the (real) scalability potential of each of the components, selecting not only those with high performance, but also those which are economically viable, easy to process (functional), and have a low environmental impact, always keeping in mind second life and subsequent recycling.

CIDETEC Energy Storage is committed to accelerate the market introduction of this technology in the coming years with large projects, investment and innovation.

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