03 | 10 | 2014

Follow-up meeting of the European project INTERACT

INTERACT project representatives meet in CIDETEC to hold a technical meeting after the first year following the beginning of the proyect.

On the 11th and 12th September, CIDETEC hosted the technical meeting of the European project INTERACT after its first year in operation. The meeting was attended by all the representatives of the consortium: the Norwegian SINTEF Technology Centre; the Institute of Chemical Engineering of the Polish Academy of Science (ICEPAS); the Technical Universities of Dortmund (TUDO), Denmark (DTU) and Leuven University (KU Lueven); the German engineering company SURPEN and the Spanish engineering company PRODINTEC; the French SME SOLVIONIC and the American multinational NOVOZYMES.


The aim of the INTERACT project is to develop new materials and processes to capture CO2 in post-combustion processes which requires continuous and dynamic collaboration among all partners. During the first year of the project, on the one hand we have worked on the development of polymeric ionic liquids for their application in gas separation membranes and on the other, on the implementation of the operating conditions of the enzymes in absorption systems. The progress of each of these lines was analysed in workgroups during the first day which allowed for the work to be organized as well as deciding on collaborations for the next few months. On the second day partners presented their progress reports. The next steps to be taken regarding dissemination and exploitation issues were defined as well as financial and administrative management matters. In addition, it was decided that over the next few months, an Industrial Advisory Board, made up of potential development users able to contribute their vision, would be created. The next meeting is to be held at SINTEF, Norway, at the beginning of next year.

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