26 | 04 | 2016

Event: “Materials for Electrochemical Storage systems for Electric Vehicles”

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The symposium will take place during the autumn meeting of the EMRS.

During the coming September, a symposium on materials for electrochemical energy storage for electric vehicles will be held under the European project MARS-EV (“Materials for Ageing Resistant Li-ion High Energy Storage for the Electric Vehicle”) coordinated by CIDETEC.


The said event will be held within the context of the autumn session of the EMRS, European Materials Research Society, and will take place in Warsaw from 19 to 23 September 2016. It will focus on materials for lithium ion, modelling, life cycle analysis, recycling and post-lithium ion technologies.

You may send in contributions to the symposium until May 16.



More information is available on the event website:


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