24 | 06 | 2015

CIDETEC welcomes the Basque Country’s Lehendakari (President) Iñigo Urkullu


President of the Basque Country Iñigo Urkullu visits the CIDETEC facilities for a first-hand look at the centre’s latest developments

The Basque Country’s Lehendakari (President) Iñigo Urkullu visited the CIDETEC facilities today. President Urkullu, accompanied by Arantza Tapia, Basque Minister of Economic Development, was welcomed by CIDETEC President Eduardo Junquera, General Manager Javier Rodriguez, and representatives from companies on the centre’s Board of Trustees, including Irizar, Maier and Iberdrola.


President Urkullu and Minister Tapia visited CIDETEC’s energy storage, new materials, and surfaces departments for a first-hand look at the centre’s latest developments. The tour of the facilities included Spain’s most advanced battery development and testing laboratories, the most cutting-edge advancements in plastics and composites manufacturing, and an entire range of technologies to modify and control surfaces. The guests also visited the facilities slated to become Europe’s leading plant for the production and clinical trials of nanoparticles for the pharmaceutical industry. 

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