11 | 07 | 2018

CIDETEC Surface Engineering visits the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Surface Engineering

Last 14 June, CIDETEC Surface Engineering visited the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), more specifically the Smart Nano-engineered Materials, Nano-mechanics and Nano-magnetism Group spearheaded by Prof Jordi Sort.

This meeting took place within the recent collaboration agreement signed between both institutions, which will serve to jointly develop new projects related to the subjects common to the two. It is to be highlighted that the UAB (Prof Jordi Sort and Dr Eva Pellicer) co-direct 2 CIDETEC Surface Engineering thesis research works on different subjects related to surface engineering.

A follow-up of the activities currently shared by both institutions was conducted during the encounter. On concluding, a visit to the UAB installations was conducted, featuring the new equipment purchased for characterising magnetic properties and applying coatings using physical methods.

This visit made it possible to continue consolidating the magnificent relationship existing between both institutions as a result of different initiatives jointly conducted in the past few years.

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