19 | 01 | 2018

CIDETEC Surface Engineering hosts INNPAPER European project kick-off

Surface Engineering

INNPAPER project partners met in San Sebastián on 17 and 18 January to coordinate the first steps for this three-and-a-halfyear-long international project.

Funded by the European Commission with an allocated budget of € 7.5M, the project seeks to create more ecological alternatives to the more traditional electronic circuits and purports to include on a common platform a series of electronic devices, the basic materials of which are paper and inks specially designed to conduct electricity, as alternatives to those currently in use.

For 2021, the project will develop three devices that will show the diversity of applications for this technology: smart labels to measure temperature, humidity and pressure, and to monitor the proper condition of food throughout the production chain; tests to detect drugs such as cannabis in saliva and caffeine levels in liquids; and medical diagnosis devices to detect tonsillitis-causing influenza and streptococcus A virus.

Apart from CIDETEC, which is coordinating this project, the companies Guarro Casas (a paper manufacturer), Biolan (a specialist in food quality and safety monitoring sensors) and Scienseed (a scientific media agency) form part of this consortium. In addition, the project includes numerous partners distributed all throughout Europe: the French atomic and renewable energies commission, the University of Marseilles, the Vertech Group (France), the University of Aalto, the VTT Technical Research Centre and the companies Spinverse (Finland), Skanem (Norway), Varta and Securetec (Germany), YD Ynvisible (Portugal) and CorisBioconcept (Belgium).

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