16 | 11 | 2020

CIDETEC receives the AVK Innovation Award in the Products and Applications category for its development of 3R technology

Surface Engineering

3R technology (patented in 2014) develops more competitive and sustainable thermoset composite materials thanks to the re-processability, reparability and recyclability (3R) properties that this technology incorporates into these materials. Since 2014, CIDETEC has continued researching and working on this technology through numerous research projects, both European and industrial with companies from different sectors (mainly automotive, wind power, railways and aeronautics).

This work bore fruit on Thursday 12th November with the presentation of second prize in the AVK Innovation Awards by the German association AVK. The ceremony, which is usually held in Stuttgart within the framework of Composites Europe, was held online this year due to the circumstances arising from the pandemic.

The main innovation that 3R composites bring to the thermoset composite materials sector is an increase in both their competitiveness (reduction in production and maintenance costs) and their sustainability (they are repairable and recyclable), providing a solution to two of the greatest challenges facing the thermoset composite sector.

The applications of this material can be found in all those sectors and applications where epoxy matrix composite materials are used (aeronautics, automotive, railway, wind power, etc.)

This award is in recognition of Cidetec Surface Engineering’s highly innovative work in developing this technology to make the thermoset composite materials industry more competitive and sustainable.

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