29 | 04 | 2019



At the ADDIMAT Board meeting held on 21 March, the decision was taken to approve the admission of CIDETEC as a new member. ADDIMAT is the Spanish Association of Additive and 3D Manufacturing Technologies that brings together all stakeholders with interests in the development and promotion of these technologies.

Additive manufacturing technologies have been overwhelmingly integrated into the industrial manufacturing technology landscape and, today, we are on the verge of a massive integration of this new manufacturing technology into a variety of industries. However, the surface quality of the components manufactured by additive manufacturing (SLM and EBM) is poor, due mainly to the stair-step effect and the partially fused dust particles.

It is here that CIDETEC Surface Engineering contributes its extensive experience of more than 20 years in the field of surface treatments in areas such as automotive, aeronautics and extreme conditions. In recent years, to avoid the use of harmful electrolytes, CIDETEC research has concentrated on developing new non-toxic electrolytes and applying EP processes to reduce the surface roughness of metal components manufactured by AM (SLM and EBM).

With its admission into the cluster, CIDETEC reinforces its position in the area of additive manufacturing post-processing, an area in which it is committed to strengthening its leadership position through its presence and participation in the main initiatives developed in the sector.

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