30 | 09 | 2022

CIDETEC is expanding with new headquarters in Eskuzaitzeta

Energy Storage

The new facility, part of MUBIL Hub, will double the space available to CIDETEC Energy Storage to 7000 sqm

With investment totalling 18.3 million, it will be a European epicentre of electromobility

Donostia-San Sebastian, 30th September 2022. CIDETEC continues to make strides in the field of energy storage with the confirmation of new headquarters for CIDETEC Energy Storage, which will move to the Smart and Sustainable Mobility Hub (MUBIL) in Eskuzaitzeta, backed by Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. The facility will involve a combined investment of 18.3 million euros, and, having started construction in July, is expected to be up and running by the end of 2024.

The new location will house CIDETEC Energy Storage and the centre’s Corporate Strategy departments on a 7000-sqm site, which another 2200 sqm will be added to for its laboratories –which are similarly moving to Eskuzaitzeta from their current location in Tolosa– in MUBIL’s main building, also managed by CIDETEC.

All this will result in a complex with almost 10,000 sqm of facilities dedicated to energy storage, doubling current capacity. CIDETEC Energy Storage will therefore have one of the largest centres in Europe for developing technologies around energy storage in general, and batteries in particular. Over half of this area will be used for the systems engineering and materials research laboratories, as well as pilot and scale-up plants for technology development up to TRL levels around 9.

Moreover, all of this is aligned with a strategy around ushering in the energy transition, which is key to the efficient use of renewable energies and their integration in the system, in line with CIDETEC’s Strategic Plan, which envisages doubling in size over the next 5 years. These capabilities will also allow the deployment of a fundamental aspect of CIDETEC Energy Storage’s strategy, namely the launch of new business initiatives in the field of batteries, enabling it to take on ambitious new future challenges.

CIDETEC Nanomedicine and CIDETEC Surface Engineering will continue at Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park in Miramón.

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