04 | 03 | 2021

CIDETEC extends its battery testing capability with a European benchmark laboratory and over 6 euros million of investment in equipment

Energy Storage

A powertrain test bench, 30 m³ walk-in climatic chambers or vibration tables are just some of the new facilities found at MUBIL’s electromobility hub

CIDETEC Energy Storage, a centre specialised in battery research, has recently set up a new laboratory in MUBIL’s electromobility hub in Tolosa, an initiative promoted by Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. The new facilities are an upgrade to CIDETEC Energy Storage’s resources in San Sebastián and will provide a service for battery users and developers alike, ensuring optimisation and allowing the optimal characteristics to be selected for each application.

The equipment installed at MUBIL will allow a range of batteries to be tested, simulating the conditions of the required applications and even running them on a powertrain test bench, which characterises all of a vehicle’s electric traction elements under near-real conditions. The tests will be carried out at cell, module or complete battery pack level, and rounded off with post-mortem analyses in order to correct any causes of battery faults through the implementation of preventive measures in manufacture or use.

The capabilities deployed will allow CIDETEC Energy Storage to offer new R&D and battery testing services for companies and technology agents, making it easier to select technologies and fine-tune electromobility and stationary applications. The range of available tests includes performance, durability, cyclability, mechanical (both vibration and mechanical shock), abuse and safety analyses. A powertrain and power electronics test bench rounds off the range of available tests for electromobility products.

Testing capabilities range from cell level up to 1200 V and 250 kW battery packs, including climatic and environmental chambers up to 30 m3. The equipment is rounded off with a laser soldering station, essential for module and battery pack prototyping.

A team with over 15 years’ experience in battery testing will be in charge of the facilities, which are now even more complete thanks to this new plant with accumulated testing power of 1.25 kW, making it one of the best and most complete at European level. 

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