01 | 02 | 2022

CIDETEC Energy Storage shares CideMOD, a software tool for battery development

Energy Storage

The tool is available on Github, the world’s largest software co-development platform.


Its main functionalities include predicting the performance and lifetime of batteries. In addition, it allows full customisation of the cell geometry, including the position of the tabs for optimal configuration, as well as highly customisable simulation conditions.


cideMOD is based on the Doyle-Fuller-Newman model in which the physicochemical equations are solved by finite element methods using the FEniCS library. It allows us to perform physics-based battery simulations with a wide variety of cases of use, from different driving cycles to characterisation techniques such as GITT/PITT.

cideMOD is a pXD (pseudo X-dimensional) model that extends the original P2D (pseudo 2-dimensional) model, proposed by John Newman and collaborators, from 1D to 2D, and 3D battery geometry. Therefore, the charge balance, mass balance and reaction kinetics, as well as the energy balance, are spatially solved for the whole battery geometry, considering the lack of homogeneity of the properties of the battery status. cideMOD has some additional models to solve the thermal behaviour of the cells, including the main heat sources, and studying the battery degradation with the growth of the SEI layer. It also supports various active electrode materials and non-linear, temperature-dependent electrode and electrolyte transport properties.

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