24 | 09 | 2021

CIDETEC Energy Storage is involved in the development of the first 100% electric aircraft

Energy Storage

The consortium, led by Volotea, Air Nostrum and Dante Aeronautical, is working to get the first aircraft certified to fly by 2024


Major air operators Volotea and Air Nostrum, together with Dante Aeronautical, are leading a consortium that is working to develop the first 100% electric aircraft, in which CIDETEC Energy Storage will contribute its experience in energy storage projects. With the collaboration of artificial intelligence company DataBeacon and Spanish multinational aeronautical engineering company CT Ingenieros, as well as the Cidaut research organisation, the consortium expects the first 100% electric aircraft to be certified to fly by 2024. After several years’ work, the first drawings and images of what will be the first prototype 100% electric aircraft show that the arrival of more sustainable aircraft is soon to become a reality.

One of the main tasks of CIDETEC Energy Storage so that flights by these aircraft can become a reality will be the design, development and integration of the Lithium-ion battery.

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