30 | 09 | 2016

CIDETEC at The Battery Show 2016

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CIDETEC researchers took part in the recent event “The Battery Show” held in Novi, Michigan, between 13 and 15 September.

“The Battery Show” is one of the main technical and industry events of the year in the sector and has two distinct parts: exhibition and conference. The exhibition which focused on electromobility also touched on stationary storage, and is in fact one of the most extensive exhibitions celebrated internationally, covering the entire value chain of batteries from materials to battery packs and applications. Machinery manufacturers, auxiliary components industry and other sectors were equally represented. The conferences, meanwhile, have benefited from the presence of Top ranking technological and industrial agents, covering a wide range of topics, ranging from markets, to technology trends, manufacturing, second life of batteries or even to management of intellectual property. 
The presence of CIDETEC at this event has allowed the centre to contrast its current views regarding the present and future of energy storage technologies and to create closer ties with some of the major industry players. 

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