28 | 11 | 2019

Aratz Genua made a presentation on the progress of the ECOXY project at the “II Plastic Congress. S3: Safe, Smart and Sustainable”

Surface Engineering

The “II Plastic Congress. S3: Safe, Smart and Sustainable”, organised by Aitiip and Plastipolis, was held on 6 November at the CaixaForum in Zaragoza. This congress is a continuation of the one already held in Paris, organised by Plastipolis, and it is intended that it will continue on an annual basis.

The congress addressed different topics within the field of safe, smart and sustainable plastics, including, among other matters, the production of bioplastic materials, products made using this type of material, smart plastics, the end-of-life treatment of plastics and the circular economy.

Elena Jubete and Aratz Genua attended on behalf of CIDETEC Surface Engineering and Aratz Genua was in charge of the presentation “Repairable, Reprocessable and Recyclable Bio-based Composites”, which aimed to publicise the work being carried out in the ECOXY European project, coordinated by Cidetec. This project is an example of how 3R capabilities, using new resin formulations that replace commonly used hardeners with dynamic hardeners, make it possible to repair fibre-matrix delamination and matrix microcracks as well as reprocess cured laminates, offering additional features such as flame retardant properties for 3R resin and self-repairability for fibres.

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