16 | 02 | 2021

A new system for release of mRNA-based therapeutics to treat cancer and cardiac failure


The EXPERT project researches a new platform for nanomedicine release

The EXPERT project, in which CIDETEC Nanomedicine participates, basically aims to find a new system for release of RNA-based nanomedicines to treat various diseases including cancer and cardiac failure.

Since the project was launched in 2019 the group of 11 international partners, experts in the entire range of nanomedicine therapy development, have worked together to complement the existing clinical studies with mRNA therapies and overcome some of the main obstacles standing between these therapies and their application. The knowledge resulting from the EXPERT project could also be used to improve the diagnosis and therapies to be applied for new diseases arising in future.

A video animation has recently been developed with a straightforward explanation of the aims and approach of the project, showing how this release platform for mRNA-based therapies could be applied to breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In the first year of the project the EXPERT partners have made significant progress towards their goals. After some experimental work, which is still continuing, the consortium is now working on implementation of an initial clinical study focusing on immunotherapy for triple negative metastatic breast cancer patients.

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