Achieved ageing behaviour of commercial cells selected in iModBatt presented in the Eco-Mobility 2019 – 14th International A3PS Conference

The 14th International A3PS Conference on Eco-Mobility 2019 was dedicated to the topic ‘Diverse Powertrain Concepts for a carbon-neutral future’. The focus was on carbon-reducing drivetrain concepts like battery electric, fuel cell-based or optimized combustion engines with bio-fuels. The attendees discussed the impacts of different propulsion system solutions and gave in-depth information on latest developments and innovative strategies.

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology contributed with a scientific poster with the title ‘BENCHMARK, AGEING AND ANTE-MORTEM OF SOTA CYLINDRICAL LITHIUM-ION CELLS’ covering latest test results from iModBatt project. Specifically, the poster provided insights on the latest material compositions and energy densities of cylindrical cells on the market, as well as their ageing behavior for cycling regimes like those found in automotive applications. The contribution, which was a joint effort by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Cidetec and RWTH Aachen, was well received by the audience.

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