19 | 02 | 2020

The meeting is held in San Sebastian to launch the ALMAGRID Cervera Network

Energy Storage

ALMAGRID, Integration of advanced Energy Storage technologies for grid applications, held its launch meeting at CIDETEC’s offices on 18 February, with representatives from all the participating organisations.

The ALMAGRID initiative, recognised by the CDTI as the Cervera Network of Excellence, is structured around four technological research centres with a high degree of specialisation and excellence in the Energy sector. These centres are CIDETEC Energy Storage, acting as coordinator, Tekniker, ITE and Circe.

The aim of ALMAGRID is to set up a stable framework for collaboration between technology centres in order to develop an action plan aimed at providing advanced storage systems to meet the needs of large-scale integration of renewable technologies into the electricity grid. ALMAGRID aims to optimise the skills of the four centres through a Strategic Collaboration Plan so that they evolve from an initial situation of individual excellence to a final situation of enhanced excellence and coordinated efforts that maximise the impact of the results generated and position the network as a leader in the sector.

Collaboration within the ALMAGRID framework should enable participating centres to improve their understanding of the various potentials, usage cases and market niches where one or other storage technology has the greatest potential impact based on its particular parameters.

In this framework, the CERVERA initiative is a unique opportunity to establish a framework of interaction between the four organisations that will allow them to focus on the activity that the centres have been carrying out individually up until now, generating synergies and significantly promoting the industrial contribution of the activity. All under the motto: “Together we can do more, do it better, and go further”.

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