31 | 03 | 2022

MAIER and CIDETEC renew their alliance in R&D&I

Surface Engineering

The research centre will continue to be the technology partner of the manufacturer of aesthetic and functional assemblies for the automotive industry for the next three years.


MAIER, a leading multinational company in the manufacture of aesthetic and functional components for the automotive industry, and the applied research organisation CIDETEC will continue to collaborate closely in R&D&I, as well as in the search for new business opportunities. The new agreement links both firms until the end of 2024.

The alliance, which began with MAIER’s incorporation to CIDETEC’s board of trustees in 2003 and was certified with the signing of the first collaboration agreement in 2005, reflects the organisations’ firm intention to continue working closely in the development of technology and contemplates the strengthening of CIDETEC’s position as MAIER’s key technology partner, all in alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.

In addition, both organisations will try to find new business niches in which to implement their activity, based on the knowledge base and experience provided by CIDETEC, both in the automotive sector and in new markets.


About Maier

The MAIER Group, with headquarters in Ajangiz (Bizkaia), currently has eleven production plants located in Ajangiz (headquarters), Navarra, Vigo, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, India (2), China (2) and Mexico.

It also has a Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Ajangiz, specialising in innovation and technological development, as well as several technical centres in China, India and the USA. It currently has an annual turnover of €385 million and employs 3,200 people in 11 countries.

Its products include: front grilles and front and rear module components, tailgate components and sub-assemblies, pillars, as well as a variety of interior components, in a profound transformation derived from the trends of the vehicle of the future: Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE).

This transformation means that, in addition to providing a strong aesthetic component based on decoration technologies such as chrome plating, painting, laser engraving and hot stamping, in which Maier is a leader, the products it produces must also include optical-electronic solutions, sensorisations and systems that make them active products.

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