29 | 09 | 2017

KaRMA2020 project, coordinated by CIDETEC, awarded in the SPIRE “2017-EU Process Industry Conference”.


KaRMA2020 was awarded as the more inSPIRE-ing project in the pitching session “Valorisation of different energy sources/Adaptable processes using alternative feedstock” in the SPIRE “2017-EU Process Industry Conference” hold the 19th of September in Brussels.

The Process Industry Conference, which is the annual SPIRE mid-term policy event, gathered all relevant stakeholders for the European Process Industry. This event was dedicated to picture the future EU Process Industry and to present what can be implemented if appropriate investments are met. During the afternoon 52 SPIRE projects were presented in 3 paralel pitching sessions and in every of the 3 sessions,  the public voted the most “inSPIRE-ing” project. This was the case of KaRMA2020.

The project, KaRMA 2020, with full title “Industrial Feather Waste Valorisation for Sustainable KeRatin-based Materials,” was funded in the frame of Horizon2020 TOPIC SPIRE-03-2016: Industrial technologies for the valorisation of European bio-resources into high added value process streams. It aims to the industrial manufacture and exploitation of sustainable raw materials from feather waste to develop innovative green products for high impact cross-sectorial markets. It is coordinated by CIDETEC and counts with the participation of 3 large companies (grupo SADA, Fertiberia and SIOEN), 7 research centres (CIDETEC, AIMPLAS,VTT, PRocessum, SP), IBWCH and CENTEXBEL) and 1 university (CNRS).It started last January 2017 and will end in Dec ember 2019.

No doubt this first award is a symbol of the good Karma and positive outputs that will be generated during the project. Congratulations to the team!


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