28 | 04 | 2020

HARVEST Project presented to the EUROPEAN COMISSION

Surface Engineering

Due to the extraordinary conditions caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus, the 1st review meeting of HARVEST was held on 31st March by videoconference instead of a physical meeting in Brussels, with the consent of the project officer. The progress of HARVEST and its achievements so far were presented to the Project Officer and the NTNUA external technical expert.

The consortium adequately addressed all the technical questions by both the Project Officer and the technical expert, who were very satisfied with the results of HARVEST for these first 18 months. The meeting run smoothly, summarising the efforts of all the partners involved in the project and the significant progress made so far. The officer congratulated UOI and the whole consortium for the good work done in this first period of the project. All partners were also satisfied after the successful completion of the first review meeting.

A few days earlier, on March 27, the 18th month project meeting of HARVEST had been performed by videoconference avoiding any physical meeting for safety, due to the COVID19 crisis. 11 consortium members reviewed together the progress and achievements made on all work packages from M12 to M18. Plus, further actions as well as the work plan for next period were presented and discussed.

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