09 | 04 | 2024

Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC), a novel approach for electric vehicle batteries

Energy Storage

The electric vehicle industry is looking for refrigeration strategies that allow faster charging, increase system safety and reduce battery aging. In this sense, the researcher of the Energy Systems Unit, Manex Larrañaga, has successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled ‘Direct liquid cooling strategy for electric vehicles focused on lithium-ion pouch type battery cells’, in the Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa. The results obtained have caused great interest in companies in the electromobility sector.

Sensorization and digitization of our battery manufacturing lines

CIDETEC Energy Storage, together with its recently launched battery production spin-off CIDEcell, is committed to the comprehensive digitalization of its pilot plant to improve the performance of its services. Along these lines, sensors have been implemented to allow real-time monitoring of the properties of electrodes and cells.

A new data infrastructure that integrates production equipment parameters along with sensor values facilitates manufacturing traceability and ensures product quality. This strategy is aligned with the requirements of the future Battery Passport.

Thanks to these advances, , CIDEcell makes headway towards digital twins alongside its physical products (electrodes and cells), which will be possible with the implementation of artificial intelligence models on the data obtained.

Elixabete Ayerbe, Team Leader of Modelling and Post-Mortem Analysis at CIDETEC Energy Storage, recently presented these advances and received a warm reception at the IBPC -International Battery Production Conference-, which represents a significant boost and brings us even closer to accomplishing new milestones.

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