28 | 09 | 2022

CIDETEC has fun on El Hormiguero

Surface Engineering

The television programme carried out an experiment with the centre’s self-repairing material

Last 27th September, CIDETEC Surface Engineering appeared on El Hormiguero, a popular prime-time programme broadcast on Antena 3. Some pieces made with self-repairing polymers developed by CIDETEC were the main feature in the science section presented by Marron, where an experiment was performed under the watchful eye of international actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

The material –considered 3R for its repairability, reprocessability and recyclability– fully recovers its initial strength after 24 hours. 80% of this strength is restored in just two hours, but even in a matter of seconds the grip between the two cut and repaired parts is already very pronounced, as could be seen in the programme presented by Pablo Motos.

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