15 | 06 | 2022

CIDETEC celebrates its silver jubilee fully immersed in a growth process


A private event was held in Tabakalera to thank employees for their efforts over the past 25 years, and to set out the guidelines for the organisation’s future


CIDETEC opened its doors on 4th March 1997, when a group of 4 people began electrochemistry research in a small laboratory. It now counts on three centres specialising in energy storage, surface engineering and nanomedicine, while employing 230 people in its buildings in Miramon and Tolosa, MUBIL’s current headquarters.

To mark the occasion, CIDETEC held an event on 10th June to thank all staff for their efforts over this quarter of a century, to look back over the road to success, and to outline the lines to be followed by the organisation. The day was rounded off with a presentation by Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente, focusing on the role humanity must play in overcoming climate change, followed by a cocktail event in which attendees looked back over and shared these 25 years.

Immersed in a growth process, the goals are clear: to double in size and revenue. Hundreds of European projects have helped shape the path towards energy transition, creating a more comfortable world thanks to smart surfaces that improve quality of life.

The pressing need to ensure a sustainable society means CIDETEC is facing its greatest challenge, and it is already working to offer solutions for greenhouse gas-free mobility, making the most of the properties we can give to our materials, and helping to speed up advances in medicine.

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